MOGPA Held it's monthly prayer meeting.

March 10, 2013

Moment Of Glory Prayer Army (MOGPA) has held it's monthly prayer meetings for the month of March. [read more]


Church Activities


churchMoment Of Glory Prayer Army Ministry is a christian organization with the aim of;

  • Winning souls into the kingdom of God;
  • Fostering unity among believers;
  • Establishing the believer in the word of God and in prayer;
  • Equiping the saints for the work of the ministry;
  • Helping the needy in the society especially the orphans;
  • Helping believers to unlock their imprisoned potentials.


    churchSome of the benefits you get from praying and worshiping with as are;

  • This opportunity to fellowship with other believers from different denominations;
  • The opportunity to receive ministry from minster from other denominations;
  • The opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God’s word
  • The opportunity to grow in your prayer life;
  • The opportunity to get prayer partners;
  • The opportunity to get assistance when in need;
  • The opportunity to receive love and care from other believers.